The ROADEX Network

The ROADEX Network is the fifth collaborative venture by the ROADEX Partners. It aims to continue close working between the Partners on all matters concerning the management of low volume rural roads including the ROADEX Knowledge Centre, website and e-learning system, results, reports etc. The Lead Partner for the project is the Norwegian Public Road Administration and the main project consultant secretariat is Roadscanners Oy of Rovaniemi, Finland.

The goals for the ROADEX Network are:

  • To be a forum for cooperation between road authorities, forest authorities, universities and other stakeholders with interests in management of low volume roads;
  • To take care of the ROADEX legacy, including all the outputs produced in the four ROADEX projects;
  • To increase the efficiency and sustainability in road management, by using ROADEX technologies;
  • To improve the quality of road maintenance and construction, by using ROADEX technologies;
  • To share best practice between the Partners;
  • To implement and test new solutions in the Partner areas;
  • To follow-up on the use of ROADEX knowledge;
  • To be a forum for new solutions and implementation of ROADEX methods;
  • To arrange workshops and meetings in the field of low volume roads;
  • To try to get external funding for research and implementation projects to develop the ROADEX knowledge centre and cooperation further.

The benefits of continuing the ROADEX collaboration are seen to be:

  • Partners can influence, give ideas, initiate and carry out new research and projects on low volume roads;
  • Partners can help each other in implementing the ROADEX technologies and methods;
  • Partners have instant access to expertise and guidance, both through the secretariat and the Partners organizations;
  • Partners can share and discuss experiences of implementing different ROADEX solutions;
  • External funding (EU funding) might be accessible in the future for development, and by having a network established, it will be easier and faster to agree on what to do and get applications ready.