ROADEX II (2002 - 2005)

The 3 year ROADEX II – “The research project” expanded on the ROADEX pilot project and brought in new Partners from local industries who relied on heavy road haulage to take their products to market.

The aim of the project was to develop ways for “Interactive and Innovative Road Management Practices for Low Traffic Volume Roads”.

The Project commissioned basic research into the unique problems of roads servicing communities in harsh climates and conditions, and produced outputs specifically designed to improve the conditions of Northern Periphery rural roads:

  • New monitoring techniques, new survey methods and new analyses to identify trends in road condition;
  • New road design and maintenance methodologies specifically suited to the climates, ground conditions and traffic flows of northern Europe;
  • New policies and protocols for politicians and decision-makers to give greater weight and funding to rural roads.


The research undertaken was groundbreaking and detailed. New cost effective practices specifically suited to rural road networks were developed and tested and the resulting reports published internationally.