The ROADEX Pilot Project (1998 - 2001)

ROADEX began in 1998 as a Pilot project whose aim was ”Creating an effective technical exchange & co-operation across the road districts of the European Northern Periphery”

The project brought together the ROADEX Partner network from northern Finland, Norway, Scotland and Sweden, and started the collaboration.

Two sub-projects were chosen to prove that sharing of roads related information could work across the Northern Periphery area. These were:

  • Sub-project A, Road Condition Management
  • Sub-project B, Winter Maintenance

The main objectives of these were:

  • To minimise differences in winter maintenance standards between neighbouring countries
  • To reduce the number of weight restriction delays on Northern Periphery roads
  • To reduce environmental impact
  • To increase accessibility for road users.

A special focus of the project were the minor, “low volume roads”, ie those roads with limited traffic flows of less than 500 vehicles per day. The success of the pilot project inspired the Partners to apply for a second project “ROADEX II”.