11. Environmental considerations

Because of growing environmental awareness, environmental considerations are having an increasing weight in the management policies of both gravel and forest roads. That is why knowledge should be shared about what are the issues that should be kept in mind in the everyday environmental management of these roads. This chapter will be based on the ROADEX eLearning package on Environmental considerations with special focus on gravel roads and forest roads.

11.1 General

This chapter will focus on the checklist that should be followed during the maintenance management of gravel roads and forest roads.

11.2 Identification and minization of environmental impacts

This section will list the general issues that should be addressed in the design of gravel or forest roads, such as protection of endangered species, valuable natural destinations, road causing disturbance, impact on landscape, impact on waterways, impact on forest economy, impact on multipurpose use, aggregate extraction, noise, vibrations, dust

11.3 Traffic related impacts

11.3.1 Noise

Discussion about how poor quality gravel roads can cause noise issues from heavy trucks, to households close by.

11.3.2 Dust

Dust is another issue for households, but it can be also a traffic safety issue.

11.3.3 Vibrations

Discussion about vibrations as traffic safety but also a health issue

11.3.4 Ground water and ground contamination

The section will focus on ground water protection with special discussions on the use of dust binders in ground water areas. Risk management against ground contamination will also be considered.

11.3.5 Carbon emission management

Discussion on the latest knowledge of ways of how reduce carbon emissions on gravel roads.

11.4 Other environmental issues

11.4.1 Waste

Mainly on ROADEX Environment eLearning material

11.4.2 Road furniture

Mainly on ROADEX Environment eLearning material

11.4.3 Winter roads and roads on ice

Some discussion about environmental issues on “winter” forest roads and roads on ice