7. Survey and monitoring techniques, diagnostics

This chapter will address the functional and structural condition of gravel roads and forest roads. A range of functional problems such as potholes and washboarding will be discussed, their specifications, if any, and any current and future survey and monitoring techniques.

7.1. General

A short discussion about condition specifications for gravel roads and for forest roads and how they differ.

7.2. Functional condition

7.2.1. Road roughness

  • specifications: deepest allowed pothole depths, etc.
  • techniques: 3d accelerometer, bump integrator, laser scanner

7.2.2. Rutting surveys

-laser scanner, straight edge.

7.2.3. Crossfall

-accelerometer, others

7.2.4. Dusting

-visual technique, video, laser scanner….

7.3. Structural condition

7.3.1. Road structures

-GPR applications, DCP test, drilling and sampling, lab testing

7.3.2. Moisture content, moisture susceptibility

-monitoring stations, GPR applications, sampling and lab testing

7.3.3. Bearing capacity

-Deflection surveys, FWD and data analysis

7.4. Special issues

-Winter maintenance condition
-Monitoring spring thaw