This eLearning lesson on gravel and forest roads was produced in 2021-2022 for the ROADEX Network. The lesson draws heavily on experiences gained over the course of the ROADEX projects and subsequently with work carried out by the ROADEX Network. The lesson also makes reference to relevant reports and experiences from outside the ROADEX area. The goal for the lesson is to provide ROADEX state-of-the-art knowledge in such a fashion that it can be quickly used by road engineers in their day-to-day work in gravel and forest roads.

The main production team for the lesson was Dr Timo Saarenketo of Roadscanners Oy, the primary author of the work. Mr Ron Munro from Munroconsult assisted as co-author. Mr Mika Pyhähuhta, of Laboratorio Uleaborg, was responsible for the artistic design and production.

The eLearning team wishes to thank all of the people involved with the production, particularly the ROADEX Network Steering committee for their encouragement and enthusiasm in the project. Especial thanks goes to Mrs Hafdís Eygló Jónsdóttir from Vegagerdin Iceland for her valued input.

Timo Saarenketo
Mika Pyhähuhta
Ron Munro