ROADEX Network publishes report on the effect heavy trucks on pavement durability

ROADEX Network Partners commissioned Roadscanners in 2014 to carry out a prestudy on the “Effect of Axle and Tyre Configurations on Pavement Durability”. The resulting ROADEX Network report provides a general information package on the effect of different truck options, axle configurations, tyre types and tyre pressure options on pavements, other road structures and subgrades. A secondary goal of the prestudy was to model the stresses and strains, and perform  calculations of pavement lifetimes, caused by the different variables on typical pavement structures within the ROADEX Network area. The report also summarizes the key results of research carried out in Finland, Sweden, Norway, Scotland and other countries regarding the effect of heavy traffic on pavement durability.

This report can be downloaded from the ROADEX website.