ROADEX webinar: New technologies in gravel and forest road surveys on December 14th 2022 at 12:00 (EEST)

You are invited to a ROADEX webinar on new technologies on gravel and forest road surveys to be presented by Dr Timo Saarenketo from Roadscanners Finland. Please see below the detailed description of what will be covered.

Feel free to forward the invitation to anyone in your organization, and to people who you think might be interested to the webinar.

Roughly 1/3 of the road networks in ROADEX area are gravel roads and most of the forest roads in the world are also unpaved roads. Even though their traffic volume is low, their importance to local economies is great.

Due to their nature these roads have very light structures and are exposed to seasonal changes and their condition can vary from very smooth and comfortable ride to extremely poor or even unpassable condition.

With good maintenance practices gravel and forest roads can be kept in much better shape. The problem however is that almost all the survey methods used so far have been based on subjective visual condition analysis and that is why no objective or repeatable condition has been collected from the roads. This presentation will focus on presenting some of the new techniques such as 3D accelerometers, laser scanners and GPR techniques in the analysis of functional and structural condition of gravel and forest roads.

This webinar will act also as a preview of the coming ROADEX eLearning package that will be published in January-February 2023.