ROADEX webinar: What is climate literacy and how can it help? by Craig Love on 21st of June 2022 at 14:00pm (EEST)

You are invited to a ROADEX webinar on climate change to be presented by Craig Love. Please see below the detailed description of what will be covered.

Feel free to forward the invitation to anyone in your organization, and to people who you think might be interested to the webinar.

Climate change is at the forefront of our lives every day. The declaration of the climate emergency across the world and ambitious net-zero targets emphasise the need for all of us to take action. But how can we can make robust and informed decisions about tackling climate change if we don’t have an understanding of the issue?

What is climate literacy and how can it help?
Essentially, climate literacy is having an understanding of the influence you can have on our climate, and an understanding of how our climate can, in turn, influence you and our wider society. This can help you to:

  • assess scientifically credible information about climate
  • make informed decisions
  • embed sustainability into your work
  • feel more confident addressing climate change
  • communicate about climate in a meaningful way

Craig Love is an internationally recognised climate change mitigation and adaptation practitioner, experienced in delivering sustainability in the public and transport infrastructure sector. He is a Chartered Environmentalist and a Member of the IES, Energy Managers Association, Permanent International Association of Road Congresses (PIARC) Technical Committee 1.4 Climate Change & Resilience of Road Networks and sits on the Adaptation Scotland board. He has an MSc in Carbon Management and a PgCert in both Climate Change Management and Carbon Innovation. Craig is currently a Climate Change and Sustainability Manager at Transport Scotland, overseeing a team responsible for corporate climate change mitigation, climate change adaptation and resilience, the circular economy, noise and flooding.

Craig developed Transport Scotland’s Carbon Management Plan 3rd Edition, which has seen the agency’s corporate emissions reduce by over 70% in six years. He has also provided contributions to both the UK Climate Risk Independent Assessment (CCRA3) and Climate Ready Scotland: climate change adaptation programme 2019-2024 and was a member of Adaptation Scotland’s Expert Working group who helped to develop Scotland Adapts: A Capability Framework for a Climate Ready Public Sector.