This eLearning lesson on permanent deformation was first produced as a special output for the ROADEX III project and has been updated by the ROADEX IV project. The ROADEX IV project, “ROADEX Implementing Accessibility”, is a technical trans-national cooperation project between The Highland Council, Forestry Commission Scotland and the Western Isles Council from Scotland, The Northern Region of The Norwegian Public Roads Administration, The Northern Region of The Swedish Transport Administration and the Swedish Forest Agency, The Centre of Economic Development, Transport and the Environment of Finland, The Government of Greenland, The Icelandic Road Administration, and The National Roads Authority and The Department of Transport of Ireland. The lead partner in the project is The Northern Region of The Swedish Transport Administration and the main project consultant is Roadscanners Oy from Finland.

The goal for the lesson was to gather together the practical aspects of the knowledge and research gained on permanent deformation over the ROADEX projects from 1998 to 2012 and to deliver it in such a fashion that it could be quickly used by road engineers in their day-to-day work in road condition management in the Northern Periphery.  The lesson draws heavily on experiences gained over the course of the ROADEX projects and is supplemented by experiences related to the authors during numerous discussions with roads administrations and experts in the Northern Periphery area.

The main production team for the lesson was Dr Timo Saarenketo of Roadscanners Oy, the primary author of the work, and Mr Mika Pyhähuhta, of Laboratorio Uleaborg, who was responsible for the artistic design and production. The co-authors have been Prof. Pauli Kolisoja for the Tampere Technical University, Dr Andrew Dawson from The University of Nottingham, Mr Ron Munro from Munroconsult Ltd and Mrs Annele Matintupa and Mr Petri Varin from Roadscanners Oy. The language check was carried out by Ron Munro. Our apologies are given to any persons we have failed to acknowledge in the list.

The ROADEX eLearning team would like to give warm thanks to all the people that have been involved with the eLearning production. We would like to also thank the ROADEX Steering committee, chaired by Mr. Per-Mats Öhberg, for all the support at we have been given for the design and production of this eLearning lesson.  Their encouragement and enthusiasm have been a driving force for us. A special thanks to Mr Krister Palo and Mrs Maria Sundin for all their help with the resources to accomplish this work.

Finally a special thanks to all of the personnel in the EU Northern Periphery Programme Secretariat and Regional Advisory Groups for the help and support that they have given to the four ROADEX projects over the last 12 years.

Timo Saarenketo  
Mika Pyhähuhta
Ron Munro